Ceramic Bearings, and Engineering Plastic Bearings

Ceramic Bearings/Engineering Plastic Bearings

We're professional ceramic bearing manufacturers and suppliers, committed to delivering superior products for improved mechanical performance. ISK BEARINGS also offers engineering plastic bearings made from materials like POM, PTFE, PEEK.

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ISK Bearings and Sustainability


We believe in business success rooted not only in performance but also in environmental, social, and governance responsibility. Committed to ESG values, we innovate sustainably, reduce our footprint, prioritize employee well-being, and enhance corporate governance for shared prosperity. Explore ISK Bearings' ESG journey for a sustainable future.

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Bicycle Bearings

ISK Bicycle Bearing Advantages

We use 100% automated testing professional equipment, with the outer cover seal design can avoid foreign object intrusion, avoid unnecessary noise and shaking.

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Customize Bearing

If you need a customized bearing solution then ISK has extensive experience

According to the customer's needs, and meet the customer's requirements at the most economical cost. Special specifications on equipment require bearing design and mass production.

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Bearing Solutions We Offer

According to your industry, our consulting team can provide most suitable bearing solutions.



Enterprise Scale

  • IATF 16949/RoHS/REACH certificate.
  • 5 million pcs/month production capacity, exported to over 50 countries.
  • Production Line: 40 lines, which also has an R&D team.

Professional Technology

  • Independent heat treatment plant, precision quenching.
  • 0 to 0.003mm high precision control.
  • 100% automated quality inspection equipment.

Bearings We Offer

Please click here for bearing types.

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ISK bearings


We are Jota Bearing, one of the leading high-quality bearing supplier, established in 1991. We registered the ISK Bearing trademark in Taiwan and China in 1996 and specialize in deep groove ball bearings, needle bearings, auto bearings, bicycle bearings, and more.

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ISK saves your trial runs by our strong engineering capabilities and experiences.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

More than 10 precise procedures for detection.

Integrity guaranteed

Integrity guaranteed

Providing suitable products to our customers with absolute commitment.

After-sales service

After-sales service

Providing professional technical knowledge to solve product problems.

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