Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are precision mechanical components that reduce the frictional loss by changing the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat. Including deep groove ball bearing, miniature ball bearing, thin wall ball bearing and thrust ball bearing.

Introduction to Ball Bearings     

Due to its frictional resistance and smaller shaft yaw during rotation, ball bearings are suitable for high-speed rotation, high precision, low torque, and low noise and low vibration. Such as automobiles, home appliances, related machinery of various industrial. They have wide range of uses, types and specifications, standardization of size, and also easy to select and can exchange installation and disassembly. Widely used ball bearings can be roughly classified into three types; deep groove ball bearings, thin wall ball bearings, and miniature ball bearings.     


Types of Ball Bearings

 Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative type in the classification, and are widely used in all kinds of industries. Thin wall ball bearings are different from deep groove ball bearings. They are extremely thin bearing sections and can make products lighter. Miniature ball bearings generally refer to metric series bearings with an outer diameter of less than 9 mm. The thrust bearing has a special form because it has more thrust washers, so it can be separated from the others ball bearings.

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