The miniature ball bearing is a small-sized deep groove ball bearing. It is a metric series of bearings with an outer diameter of less than 9 mm. The inner diameter is usually 1 mm but it can be as small as 0.6 mm. The types of miniature ball bearings are metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc. There are 6 kinds of British R series. On this basis, it can also be divided into ZZ steel dust cover bearing series, with RS rubber sealing ring miniature bearing series, and so on.
About 40% of the failures of miniature ball bearings are caused by dust, dirt, and erosion, causing problems with torque and noise. Most of the dirt can be observed by the naked eye. Because the size of the miniature ball bearing is small, it is necessary to pay more attention to the force during installation to avoid the impact of excessive force.
     It is mainly subjected to radial load and can withstand small axial loads. It is suitable for all kinds of applications with high speed, low friction torque, low vibration and low noise. Such as various types of industrial equipment, office equipment, instrumentation, various household appliances, computers and office machines.

Deep Groove Miniature Ball Bearings

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