Deep groove ball bearing is the most common type of ball bearings and also widely used in various applications.
Deep groove ball bearing generally consists of an inner ring, an outer ring, a spherical rolling element and a cage. The orbital ditch is slightly larger than the radius of the steel ball. Due to the point contact between the ball and the track, the deep groove ball bearing can withstand the bidirectional axial load in addition to the radial load. It is generally used in pairs in the normal situation, to reduce the induced load causing the internal axial forces using radial load.
Due to its simple construction, deep groove ball bearing is easier to make high-precision products, and also suitable for mass production; for being durable, it can reduce maintenance costs; having the low friction coefficient and the high limit speed, it is more advantageous than thrust ball bearing while the axial load rotates were working under high speed.
It is suitable for high speed rotation and even can operate in high speed, low noise and low vibration.
Common applications: Automobiles, transmissions, electrical components, household appliances, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and the others industrial machinery.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings