Pneumatic Tools


· Pneumatic Tools Demand

While using handheld power tools for a period of time, a noisy and vibrating will cause discomfort to the operator. Therefore, the bearings for handheld power tools have to control it with Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) noise level, loading conditions (radial and axial), low friction, and high reliability. JOTA will provide professional analysis and suggestions based on our industry experience to meet all the application conditions.

Pneumatic tools are widely used in various maintenance. Installation tools, such as pneumatic grinders, pneumatic polishers, pneumatic drills, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic impact wrenches, pneumatic tapping machines, tapping motors, air chisels, pneumatic carving pens, Air saws, and pneumatic edge trimming machines are used in environments that are often accompanied by dust, debris, variable speed, or high humidity environments. The tools must withstand instantaneous high heat.

· ISK Pneumatic Tool Bearing Advantages

Our pneumatic tool bearings use high-purity steel as the material, with sophisticated heat treatment technology, to produce high-rigidity, long-life bearings, and comply with IATF16949 specifications.

We use 100% automatic testing professional equipment, which can accurately control the precision of each bearing so that the bearing can achieve low friction and low noise.

High precision and high-quality materials can effectively ensure that the bearing runs under low vibration and low noise.

These conditions enable our pneumatic tool bearings to perform well, prolong their service life and bring users a more comfortable and stable operating experience. This is why internationally renowned hand tool manufacturers favor us.

· Common Bearings For Pneumatic Tools