· Requirements For Motorcycle Bearings Application

As the application of motorcycle bearing has to deal with different external intrusions such as coarse sand, mud, dirt, and water under high rotation speed in all kinds of terrain, having a good sealing design as protection and applying fine quality material is exceptionally crucial to prevent the intruders from wearing the bearings out. 

· The Advantages ISK High-Level Motorcycle Bearings

We use durable material, GCr15 (AISI 52100), as the base to conduct multiple grinding processes and enhance the stability of the bearings by controlling the heating treatment proficiently. It allows our bearings to run with lower friction, lower vibration, and better transmission efficiency, which brings a smoother riding experience. ISK motorcycle bearings comply with the automotive industry standards, IATF 16949. All these conditions not only affect fuel consumption, riding comfort and safety, but also reduces future wear and tear and the burden to the environment. 


This is why ISK motorcycle High-level bearings can provide users with a more satisfying experience and bring longer-term benefits to your business.

· Common Motorcycle Bearing Types