· Conveyor Belt Application Requirements

According to the needs of different industries, conveyor roller bearings are designed to operate quietly, move efficiently, accommodate heavy loads, and demand conditions. To enable conveyor roller bearings to operate smoothly in these extreme conditions, JOTA has developed the conveyor roller bearings based on cooperation experience with customers in this industry.

We also provide professional technical support to help you keep your conveyor running well while reducing downtime and your costs.

Common industries: injection molding machines, stamping equipment, ferrous metallurgy, textile machinery, melting furnaces, canned food, industrial robots, pharmaceutical machinery, etc.

· ISK Conveyor Belt Bearing Advantages

Our conveyor belt bearings comply with IATF16949 safety standards and RoHS and Reach environmental protection specifications. We use high-purity steel as the material and sophisticated heat treatment technology to produce bearings with high rigidity and long service life. Our 100% automatic testing professional equipment can accurately control the precision of each bearing so that the bearing can achieve low friction and low noise.

Low noise: Use the correct lubrication to keep parts running smoothly and reducing operating noise.

High-speed operation: We use the latest and most efficient production technologies to automate our process and do100% inspection before shipping. 

Available from stock: With all kinds of conveyor roller bearings in stock for fast shipment.

· Common Bearing Types For Conveyor Belts