bicycle part

· Bicycle Application Requirements

A bicycle usually has seven places where bearings need to be installed so that the whole bike can run smoothly. Common components include the bottom bracket, wheel hub, pedal, head bowl, guide wheel, etc. The performance of a bicycle largely depends on the bearing. And different parts have their suitable bearings.

To provide users with a comfortable and safe riding experience, bearings need high precision. Some parts need external sealing protection. Because once water and dirt enter the bearing or use a loose bearing, it will cause the wheel to shake and make noise when it rotates. 

· ISK Bicycle Bearing Advantages

Our bicycle bearings comply with the IATF 16949 automotive industry safety standards. We use 100% automated testing professional equipment to accurately control the noise value of each bearing. The outer cover seal design can avoid foreign object intrusion, avoid unnecessary noise and avoid unnecessary shaking. Therefore, it can provide users with a more comfortable and stable riding experience.

We use high-quality materials and special heat treatment technologies to manufacture high-rigidity bearings to make their life longer. These features can reduce users’ future losses and provide users with a smoother and safer riding experience. This is also the reason why international bicycle manufacturers have used ISK high-precision bearings for many years.

· Steel Bearing Material Characteristics

Our steel bearings are made of high-hardness steel. A professional heat treatment plant can effectively control the steel, increase the toughness and life of the bearing, and have high impact resistance. The replacement cost of steel bearings is lower than that of ceramic bearings. As long as they are correctly cleaned and well-lubricated, they are very durable. Therefore, steel bearings are the most common in bicycles.

· Ceramic Bearing Material Characteristics

Compared with steel bearings, ceramic bearings have several main advantages: higher hardness, no rust and corrosion, lighter weight, faster speed, and lower friction coefficient, so only some lubricating oil-bearing can be quickly rotated.

However, the toughness of ceramic bearings is lower than that of steel bearings, so it is easy to break and produce abnormal noise when encountering an impact. In addition, the replacement cost of ceramic bearings is higher. Therefore, this is the reason why more people on the market choose hybrid ceramic bearings.

· Mixed Ball Bearings

Hybrid ceramic bearings are currently the most popular choice in the bicycle modification market. Because the exterior uses anti-collision steel bearings, the interior uses ceramic (no rust and lightweight), the advantages of the two materials can be combined, providing bicycle users with a higher-quality riding experience. Hybrid ceramic bearings are particularly suitable for outdoor muddy and wind and rain erosion environments.

· ISK Commonly Used Bicycle Bearing Type

Thin wall bearing are mainly used for BB (bottom bracket). International bicycle manufacturers are our customers. They specify for a long time, Use our bottom bracket bearing.