· Automotive Application Requirements

Vehicles may need more than 150 bearings to run smoothly. Automotive bearings are mainly used in the steering systems, gearbox, generators, starter, alternator, engines, transmission systems, wheel hubs, power window, wiper, rearview mirrors, seat adjustment, cooling system, and suspension systems…etc.

It is important to comply with the safety and environmental protection regulations of the automobile industry. In the long-term high-speed operation environment, the bearing needs to have the characteristics of low friction, low noise, high temperature, high humidity, and pollution. High-precision automotive bearings can reduce operating energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, and extend service life. Therefore, to achieve safer and more comfortable driving, there is a greater demand for bearings with high functionality and high reliability.

· ISK Automotive Bearing Advantages

All our bearings comply with the highest safety standards in the automotive industry, IATF16949, RoHS, and REACH environmental protection standards.

We can also support the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), the automotive industry standard that ensures engineering design and product specification requirements are met. 

High-quality steel is selected as the material, combined with metal-hardening technology in our in-house hardening facilities, to produce high rigidity to improve bearing fatigue life.

Productions lines are equipped with 100% automatic testing professional facilities, which can accurately control the precision of each bearing so that the bearing can achieve low friction and low noise, all consistency in quality and performance.

These conditions enable our automobile bearings to operate well under various load, speed, and temperature conditions, reduce the user’s subsequent maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. This is why using ISK automotive bearings can provide users with a more comfortable, safe, and satisfactory driving experience for a long time. Since 1991, we have won the trust of many customers and cooperated with us.

· Types Of Bearings Commonly Used In Automobiles