Productions lines are equipped with 100% automatic testing professional facilities, which can accurately control the precision of each bearing so that the bearing can achieve low friction and low noise, all consistency in quality and performance.


We use 100% automated testing professional equipment to accurately control the noise value of each bearing. The outer cover seal design can avoid foreign object intrusion, avoid unnecessary noise and avoid unnecessary shaking. Therefore, it can provide users with a more comfortable and stable riding experience.

Home Appliances

Using durable, high-precision, low-vibration, high-quality bearings not only can reduce the energy consumption of mechanical operation but also save you more energy and cost on maintenance and replacement parts in the future to be more energy-saving and environmental protection.


According to the needs of different industries, conveyor roller bearings are designed to operate quietly, move efficiently, accommodate heavy loads, and demand conditions. To enable conveyor roller bearings to operate smoothly in these extreme conditions, JOTA has developed the conveyor roller bearings based on cooperation experience with customers in this industry.

Pneumatic Tools

While using handheld power tools for a period of time, a noisy and vibrating will cause discomfort to the operator. Therefore, the bearings for handheld power tools have to control it with Electric Motor Quality (EMQ) noise level, loading conditions (radial and axial), low friction, and high reliability. JOTA will provide professional analysis and suggestions based on our industry experience to meet all the application conditions.


As the application of motorcycle bearing has to deal with different external intrusions such as coarse sand, mud, dirt, and water under high rotation speed in all kinds of terrain, having a good sealing design as protection and applying fine quality material is exceptionally crucial to prevent the intruders from wearing the bearings out. 

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