Common bearings for bicycles

The Bearing of Bicycle

A bicycle usually has about seven places where bearings need to be installed for the whole bike to run successfully. Common parts are bottom brackets, hubs, pedals, headsets, guide wheel, and the size of the bearings used in each part is also different.

thin wall ball bearing

Common bearing models of bicycles

Ball bearings/Thin walled bearings/ Miniature bearings

Popular hybrid ceramic bearings

Ceramic bearings have the characteristics of high hardness, lightweight, easy spin, and no rust. They are very suitable for outdoor mud and wind and rain erosion environments.

However, due to the high hardness of the all-ceramic bearing, if the road is not stable, it will easily break directly after an impact, causing damage to the bearing.

So to solve this problem, hybrid ceramic bearings are a good solution. Ceramic bearing balls are used internally to maintain the advantages of riding, and bearing steel externally can enhance the impact resistance.Such a combination is also a very popular choice in the current bicycle modification market.

World bicycle usage

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many cities worldwide have begun to widen bicycle lanes to avoid the risk of people taking public transportation so that people can use bicycles to travel.

Currently, there are well-known cities with government road projects, European regions: Milan, Paris, London, etc., US regions: New York, Oakland, Seattle, etc.

In addition, there is an interesting and practical research survey on the Internet, which can help understand the main use of bicycles in the world. According to the “Global Bicycle Cities Index 2019″, 9 of the top 10 cities are located in Europe:


Netherlands: Utrecht (1st place)

Germany: Münster (2nd), Bremen (9th), Hannover (9th)

Denmark: Copenhagen and Amsterdam (4th and 5th place)

Asian cities: Hangzhou (No. 7), Tokyo (No. 24), Beijing

(No. 38), Shanghai (No. 51), Singapore (No. 52).

American cities, San Francisco (39th), Portland (41st).



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