6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing

What product is using 6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing

6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing used in Automobiles like Washing machine、Tractor、Trailer、Truck、Two Wheeler、three Wheeler、Car & UV’s、Commercial Vehicle、Rotavator、Harvestor、Combines、Gear box、Engine and Other Agricultural Equipment.

Take cars as an example

In two-wheeler, Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Mahindra, and Piaggio, are the brand using 6204 bearings.

In cars and UV’s, Ford India Pvt Ltd, Force Motors Ltd, Mahindra and Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Honda Cars, and Tata Motors Ltd, are the brand using 6204 bearings.

In commercial vehicles, Eicher, Allwyn Nissan, Ashok Leyland, and Premier Automobile.


Take tracker as an example

ESCORTS – FT – 30 , 35, 45 , 50 , 55 , 60 , Power Track – 430
Ford – 3600, 3610,
HMT – Zetor – 2511 , 3511, 3522 , 3022 , 2522
VST Tiller – MT 180 D, VMH & AD8 
International Tractor – 755, 760 HP
Indofarm – 2030DI, 2040DI, 2035DI, 2050DI,
Greaves – Same Greaves 503
Kamco Tractor Ltd – Kubota Tiller.

How to replace 6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing

Take washing machine as an example

  1. First remove the back cover of the washing machine, remove one screw of the belt and the large runner, then a total of 6 screws of the three-pronged aluminum frame, and then pull out the aluminum frame.


  1. Start to dismantle the bearings in the aluminum frame: disassemble the two rubber sealing rings on one side, and punch out the bearings on both sides, which will be easier to flush after heating on the fire. I just baked it on a gas stove with a small fire for two minutes. The tripod is made of aluminum, and the bearing is made of steel, using the principle of different expansion coefficients.


  1. Find two bearings, 6204 and 6205, as long as they sell bearings, they are standard parts.


  1. Install the two bearings and the two sealing rings, use a little butter to make it easier to install. Pay attention when installing: the two sealing rings should be buckled in the direction of one side of the bearing. They cannot be installed in the opposite direction, otherwise water will leak. Also, there is a rubber ring at the outlet of the shaft, which is covered with scale. It should also be used. Wipe it with a cloth, otherwise it may also cause water leakage.


  1. Reinstall the aluminum tripod, first fix the three screws in the middle, and then install the screws on the three fork heads. Pay attention to the direction. One of the three fixing posts is shorter and the two are longer. Otherwise, it will not be installed. Then install the big runner, and after tightening the screws, the inner barrel shaft, aluminum tripod and big runner are all in place. Finally, tighten the 6 screws that fix the aluminum tripod. Hang up the belt and test the machine.
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