Types of Wheel Bearings

The general design of the car has been used for two types – rolling and plain bearings. Many tens of thousands of them. Almost all automotive units have bearings.

Types of bearings and their uses

Generally speaking, a reducer bearing is a device used for rotary or linear rotation, while friction and handling motion occurs. In effect, the bearing surface device is capable of rolling, which causes friction between the bearing surface wheel rolls.
When this restraining force is also reduced, it is very easy to move in a rotational or linear fashion – increasing speed and efficiency.

Needle bearing vs Ball bearing

Rolling bearings are composed of orbital rings (inner ring and outer Rings), rolling elements (balls), and cages.
That is, several rolling elements are arranged between two opposite track rings, and the retainers are used to prevent them from contacting each other and keep a certain interval for rolling motion.

What are needle bearings?

What are needle bearings? Needle bearings are roller bearings with rollers that have high length-to-diameter ratios. Needle bearings use long, thin cylindrical rollers resembling needles. They typically have rollers that are at least four times longer than their diameter.

6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing

6204 RS bearing & 6204 2RS bearing used in Automobiles like Washing machine、Tractor、Trailer、Truck、Two Wheeler、three Wheeler、Car & UV’s、Commercial Vehicle、Rotavator、Harvestor、Combines、Gear box、Engine and Other Agricultural Equipment.

Bearing Installation Methods

Whether the bearing is installed or not will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, please fully study the bearing installation, that is, please install the bearing according to the operating standards including the following items.